Worship Group

As a faith community, we are all called into ministry by virtue of our baptism.

The ministries of this group consist of:

Assisting with weddings, memorial,

funeral and life celebration.

Ushers and greeters.

Scheduling lay readers for the service.

Changing the paraments during the liturgical year.

Preparing the elements of Holy Communion,

serving them to the congregation.

Bringing water to the lecturn for the Pastor and

guest speakers.

Welcoming our members, friends and visitors to our services.

Taking the offering

Taking care of supply needs for the service such as

 keeping the supplies in the pew pockets, placing

 flowers on the altar,

Palm Crosses on Palm Sunday.

Operating the sound and recording system,

Meeting with the Pastor about special services

 and observances

All music for the service, choir and instrumental,

preparing for 4 Concerts held each year, selections of hymns.