The Oro Valley UCC Council

The Church Council is the governing authority of Oro Valley United Church of Christ. The Council consists of seven members including a Moderator, Vice Moderator and Secretary. The Council is a policy board with oversight responsibilities. The Council assigns the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the two Standing Committees and nine Group Ministries. The Council may appoint an Ad Hoc Committee for a specific purpose.

The Council creates the operating structure of the Church. It has the authority to decide matters of church policy and welfare, subject only to the will of the Congregation. The will of the Congregation may be expressed by the vote of the majority of members present at a meeting of the Congregation at which a quorum is present.

The Church Council transacts the business of the Church. It acts on behalf of the Church in all legal, financial and administrative matters.

The Treasurer, Sally Bartley, is not a member of the Council.

The current Church Council Members:
Stu Kraft, Moderator
Kyle Koch, Vice Moderator
Bruce Fisher
Carolyn Watson
Bruce Ullock
Carol Sack
Lana Wilson